AI Chatbot
AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot will play an important role in helping organizations or businesses to answer their customer’s queries round-the-clock that enhances customer services more effectively.

How Artificial intelligence (AI) Chatbot works?

AI Chatbot is a more advanced software application that understands the open queries asked by the customers on various platforms. These bots are embedded with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. So, whenever a user enters an input in the chat window, the chatbot analysis the user’s request identifies the intent of the query and entities, and finally composes a coherent reply to the user. AI chatbots can understand language outside of a set of pre-programmed commands and continue learning based on the inputs it receives.

How Natural Language Processing (NLP) plays an important role in AI Chatbots?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows chatbots to understand human language in a better way. When a user enters his input, it breaks down the terms and speech patterns to make sense of the interaction. Because of that AI chatbot identifies the user intent and responds with relevant answers.

Do you want to know why chatbots have become a boon for businesses? Here are few reasons you must know. Take a look.

  1. 24/7 availability
  2. Instant Response
  3. Scalability
  4. Saving cost & time
  5. Better engagement
  6. Understand your customers
  7. Faster onboarding
  8. Lead generation
  • 24/7 Availability:  Nowadays lots of companies want to work 24/7 to give the best customer service, but due to lack of resources they are not able to serve effectively. Conversational chatbots can work 24/7 to answer customer queries even after working hours and solves customer problems. 
  • Instant response: Chatbots have become more famous because of the instant response feature. If you hire a person for customer support, he/she can concentrate just one person at a time, If you utilize an artificial intelligence chatbot, that can address thousands of consumers at a time. Consumers no need to wait in a queue to get a response for their queries.
  • Scalability: Chatbots can engage with thousands of customers at a time and provide a personalized experience for every customer automatically and help scale operational tasks at a minimal cost.
  • Saving cost & time: If your organization uses chatbots, you don’t need to hire multiple resources to handle common customer queries, chatbots can automate the process, which helps to save cost and time for your organization. Your employees can concentrate more on strategic activities like nurturing leads and closing sales.
  • Better engagement: Chatbots support two-way communications that help to keep customers more engaging with interactive and personalized communications. Which leads to make your customers happy and increase brand value.
  • Understand your customers: Artificial Intelligent chatbots understand your customers better and suggest them relevant products, and services based on their chat history. For example, an AI chatbot can suggest a car insurance package when you are booking automobile cars.
  • Faster onboarding: Chatbots helps in the onboarding process for a new hire or new users. That can solve user’s queries and guide them through initial steps. If it’s a new hire helps to understand company policies, products, and services. Chatbots guide users smoothly in an interactive manner.
  • Lead generation: Chatbots helps in additional lead generation channels. AI chatbots effectively qualify prospects and gather basic details like Name, Email id, Mobile number. By using these details, you can nurture your leads and make more sales.

Essential features of Chatbot that must have

  1. Omni-Channel: Clients today really like to lead business with brands that offer steady encounters across channels. A decent chatbot platform can consistently coordinate with any correspondence channels you need, as WhatsApp chatbot, Facebook, SMS, custom portable applications and sites.
  2. Analytical: Another important chatbot feature is that the chatbot’s usage and performance analysis. Chatbot analytics helps organizations or businesses to track the activities done on chatbot which helps to build deeper understanding of your customers and industries can make data-driven decisions.
  3. Secure: Another vital feature of chatbot is security. If you use best chatbot applications, it makes sure that to maintain the high security standards to keep customers data safe. Customer privacy is more important for every business.
  4. Human-Like Approach: One of the most imperative features of a chatbot is its human-like methodology. Like humans, who regularly use context in their everyday discussions, a decent chatbot has all the information and devices that make it fit for understanding context in open discussions.
  5. Personalized: Latest artificial intelligent chatbot have been built to understand and adjust its conversational tone and language based on user intent, for example, if there is a ticket cancellation, the chatbot recognizes and regrets the inconvenience instead of treating it with casualness.
  6. KCS-friendly: KCS or information focused assistance refers to a bunch of rules utilized for building and preserving organizational knowledge. KCS-accommodating bots are made remembering authoritative rules and end up being moral and supportive.
  7. CX-first: Chatbots are outfitted to prompt clients with an assortment of important choices, sometimes based on previous interactions. Further, if the bot can’t deal with a complex inquiry, it immediately informs about something similar to a human agent for a smooth client experience.
  8. Integrations: Chatbot integration is one of the top definitive chatbot highlights. With the right chatbot application, you don’t need to worry exchanging your current devices and frameworks. A chatbot should integrate consistently with your existing set of tools.

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Chatbots have become a very important and integral part of our life. The intelligent chatbots are built to recognize, understand, respond the user-centric queries on the chat window.

Although AI chatbot technology evolving day-to-day. AI Chatbot helps businesses to streamline operations so that they can take care of the repetitive tasks and employees can be involved in strategic activities. 

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