Nowadays, Robotic and AI technologies have become very popular in process automation industries. A lot of people have confusion between AI and Robotics, they both are two distinct fields in technology. If you merge both, you will get intelligent robots that can say artificial intelligent robots where AI plays a demonstration of the mind/brain and robotics play a demonstration of body parts.

What is Robotics?

Robotics is a technology that utilizes to build and implement robots. The main aim behind creating robots is to ease the workload of people. Through programming, robots can perform tasks such as moving one place to another, picking an object, packaging process, modifying objects, etc. Building robots can eliminate repetitive tasks and works more efficiently. Nowadays, Robots are also playing the role of smart waiters and serve food to customers on their tables.

What is Robotics

Major applications of Robotics in different sectors:

  • Industries – Robots can do different undertakings like dealing with material, cutting, welding, shading covering, penetrating, cleaning, bundling, and so on.
  • Military – Automated robots can be utilized in war zones where infantry can’t work. They can be utilized to recognize and defuse explosive weapons.
  • Medicine – Robots cannot just play out different clinical trials simultaneously, however they can also be coordinated to perform complicated surgeries like removal of brain tumors, without any doubt of mistake because they work on ingrained guidelines.
  • Space or Underwater exploration – Robots are now being used for investigating places in space or underwater that are both risky and distant to humans.
  • Entertainment – Today robots are being effectively used to make energized animated films, operate cameras, carry out mechatronics activities, and so on.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science, that helps in designing and implementation of intelligent programming algorithms. The primary goal behind making artificial intelligence is to make excellent systems, that can act as an aid to humans, and to empower machines to work with human-like intelligence.

What is Artificial intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence

Major applications of AI in different sectors:

  • Gaming – AI plays a vital role in strategic and stimulating games like chess, poker, tic-tac-toe, etc., where the PC needs to think about every one of the potential approaches to challenge the players.
  • Basic Language Processing – Interactive computer systems that can understand the basic language spoken by human beings and function appropriately.
  • Vision Systems – These systems have to decipher, investigate and interpret visual information sources. For example:
    • Drones are utilized in the mapping of areas.
    • Doctors utilizing clinical aid systems to perform diagnosis
    • Military – Military intelligence utilizing programming to recognize criminals and terrorists through sketches.
  • Speech Recognition – Some intelligent programs or projects can identify languages, dialects, sentences or words verbally expressed around and can handle the accents also.
  • Handwriting Recognition – AI programs can read handwritings and decipher even cursive or crooked letters and then process and convert them to normal text.

So now you got a glimpse of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence applications in various sectors. If you are an organization and searching for intelligent robots to carry out operational activities without human intervention. It is super easy now get connect with V2Soft that provides the best artificial intelligence services across all the industries.

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