AI Chatbots or AI-driven chatbots play a significant role in helping users in getting answers to their queries. In this article you will get know about top industries that making use of conversational AI chatbot.

AI Chatbot, Conversational AI chatbot
AI Chatbot – Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

AI Chatbot is an application where people communicate via a chat interface. Individuals can ask questions using their voice or typing or choosing the options the chatbot gives from predefined questions related to the product features, in the same way, they would ask a person. The chatbot will usually respond in a conversational style, and it may carry out actions in response to their conversation.

Industries that use Artificial Intelligence Chatbot:

Conversational AI Chatbot applications for industries have been the innovative talk of the town. Below are few industries that use chatbots.

  1. eCommerce
  2. Healthcare
  3. Human resources
  4. Travel
  5. Real estate
  6. Banking

Chatbots in Ecommerce:

In today’s world, eCommerce industries are very booming and the revenue for the year 2021 is projected to reach $4.8 trillion. Hence eCommerce companies are struggling to provide fluid customer support services. So all e-commerce companies started using AI Chatbots on their platforms to serve the best. That can help e-commerce industries make more money, save time, shorten sales cycles, boost conversion, and aid in cross-platform performance.

Chatbots in Healthcare:

Chatbots in the medical industry helps users by providing the correct information about the disease, treatment for that disease, and available facilities in the hospitals. Also, Bots can assist in schedule patient consultation requests, streamline admissions, discharge patients, and send and receive referrals. It can even save thousands of working hours a year for hospitals and doctors by taking the burden of doctors and making hospitals easier for customers.

Chatbots in Human resources:

With an HR chatbot, you can handle tasks like simple screening to tackling background checks and qualifying candidates, Employee onboarding and deboarding.

AI chatbots help new employees through the onboarding process by introducing them to systems, documents, and procedures they need to do their job. Chatbots can help them complete paperwork, introduce their teammates, and answer company questions even before the new hire joins the company. also, It can cover a variety of company operations, serving up answers that draw on a suite of integrations from Google Drive to Salesforce to Evernote

Chatbots in the Travel industry:

A chatbot for the travel industry empowers you to answer questions and generate leads around the clock. Additionally, bots don’t take holidays, don’t compromise with customer service they give the best. So, you can wake up every day by lining up a lot of sales while you slept.

Chatbots in Real Estate:

In the real estate business chatbot helps the companies to engage with customers, give responses to their queries, schedule site visits based on their timings, share and collect documents, verify these documents, and also helps them out EMIs or upcoming schedules and what are the offers available for them. This enhances the user’s experience, and also helps to gain customer loyalty and more customers.

Chatbots in Banking Industry:

In the Banking industry chatbots are playing a key role in customer support services like providing information regarding loan facilities, Credit and Debit transactions query, provide best answers related to their services and benefits of them. Chatbots will provide the pinnacle of data-driven insights, something that is very important in the banking industry.

With chatbots, Industries can make data-driven decisions, aiding in sales, marketing, trends, and product launches and helps in sending notifications to keep customers more engaging.

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