Statistics of Fundraising

In the current market, donation and interest in philanthropic exercises are continuing to grow across the globe. There are a bunch of approaches to donate to a charity like donations, properties, online gifts. Furthermore, there are different categories of fundraising methods. Charitable donations, online and mobile donations, corporate philanthropy, email campaign, text giving are an example of fundraising methods.

Fundraising Statistics

Here are some fundraising insights that we believe are very interesting and deserve your attention.

  • Generally, an online income expanded by 23% over the previous year, up from 15%.
  • 60% of millennials give an average of $481 to charitable organizations every year.
  • Almost three out of four youth are willing to fundraise for an association that is important to them.
  • 69% of Americans give to charitable organizations.
  • 69% of donation comes from individuals.
  • People that procure $25,000 or less donate the maximum share (16.6%) of their pay to a noble cause.
  • Online donations made up 14.1% of all donations received by nonprofit organizations earning less than one million dollars each year.
  • Recent stats show that 26% of online giving done through mobile devices.
  • The latest details show that 26% of online donations/web-based giving done through mobile devices.
  • An email has the highest return on investment of any marketing channel.

Nowadays, social media platforms are also utilizing for fundraising actives. Below are a few stats that show how much percentage utilized on each platform.

  • 74% of American web users are on Facebook.
  • 36% are on LinkedIn.
  • 31% are on Pinterest.
  • 22% are on Twitter.
  • 18% are on Instagram.
  • 11% are on Snapchat.

Tips to Raise Awareness

Spread Awareness, Raising Awareness
Raise Awareness for a Cause

A mix of traditional and digital methods can play an essential role in the success of your nonprofit donations. One of the significant strategies to increase your nonprofit donation is raising awareness for philanthropic activities. Would you like to know how to raise awareness for a cause? The following are a few things that help you in raising awareness of an event taking the leverage.

  • Set up an awareness campaign that instructs individuals about their motivation and issues, which may run for few weeks or a month.
  • Identify your targeted locations and individuals’ demographic. Later plan and prepare content on your cause which appeals to that demographic.
  • Utilize social media platforms to reach more audiences, create hashtags, and share posts on significant channels.
  • If you had organized any occasion earlier, send direct messages to your participants about the event.
  • Invest in creating an attractive landing page for your event
  • Utilize traditional marketing strategies like television advertisements, banners, hoardings along with your social media strategy.
  • Create a relationship with quality participants at other events
  • Choose your influencers and partners carefully who promote and share their thoughts about your nonprofit event.

Fundraising statistics and trends are important for making data-driven decisions. Giving is projected to increase by 5.1% in 2021. It is showing that donors are more than willing to increase their support towards nonprofit.

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